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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

If you have any query on idide 2020  kindly send to and Dr Noor Aziah Mohd Ariffin will reply to your queries in due time.

1. What is the amount for the iDiDe 2020 Workshop Package?

2. How many students are permitted to participate?

3. Is USD 120 a one time cost for exhibition and catalogue and the total amount for each participating college?






4. Is there transport? If yes what type and cost?



5. Is there accommodation? What type and cost?














6. Is food provided? Any option and cost?





7. How much is iDiDe studio expenses?

8. Is there an additional cost for CULTURAL EMERSION?

9. Could you clarify on the channel of communication/correspondence, if any for visas, passport,etc? 







10. Hows the payment like?

11.  Miscellaneous queries 



  • The iDiDe2020 Workshop package is USD500. This includes: airport pick-ups and sends, all trips (with meals), opening and closing events meals, workshop kit and printing, venues used, etc. This cost does not include day to day meals and accommodation.

  • Right now we are capping the entries to 10-12 students per partner university. (If there are more spots available, we shall inform you, if more of your students would like to join.)

  • Yes. Each partner university shall contribute the sum of USD120 only as a collective cost for the exhibition and catalogue, regardless of how many students participating. This sum is to be paid anytime after you have arrived in IIUM.

  • Please note that the accommodation cost is for - per person and not for per room. As an example, if you chose the Quad room - each student is expected to pay USD 150 (for a month's rental). 

Airport Pick-up and Drop, Campus Travel (if any), Local Conveyance


  • InsyaAllah, (God willing) we can do the airport pick-up and drop. However, to make things easier, we suggest that all arrive and depart KUL at the same time. 

  • Our campus is a walking campus, but if the need arises, shuttles can be arranged at designated times.

  • The public bus runs on the campus to take anyone to the nearest LRT (Light Rail Transit) into KL city centre and beyond. Taxis and Grab car are easily available too.

  • Low cost and decent students accommodation on sharing basis, preferably on campus in students hostels. Male Faculty will be needing 01 Single Room accommodation.


  • We have several students' accommodations. The following are the visiting students' and staff's rate: 

  1. the Quad room: single occupancy but 4 pax sharing a common space:  approx. USD10/day

  2. Twin Sharing room:  approx. USD12/day

  3. Single room:  approx. USD15/day

  4. single room + a/c:  approx. USD25/day

  5. Studio (2 pax) a/c with attached bathroom, limited (for Staff only):  approx. USD35/day


  • There are the monthly rates which are cheaper, and since the duration of this event is 3-4 weeks (+SRBE), I would suggest the monthly rates.


  1. the Quad room:   (approx. USD150/month)

  2. Twin Sharing room:  (approx. USD180/month)

  3. Single room:  (approx. USD240/month)

  4. single room + a/c:  (approx. USD300/month). (This is the one suggested in the iDiDe poster)

  5. Studio + a/c: (approx. USD450/month)


  • The cost is approximate to USD today. The rooms are also subject to availability because, at the time of iDiDe2020 13-31st January, students are still on campus until 18/1. There will be vacancies, just not for the desired locations. iDiDe participants may not be located close to each other (scattered), but we will try our best to place all participants together.

  • Breakfast + Working Lunch + Dinner: Provided by Host

  • OR Breakfast + Working Lunch: Provided by Host + Dinner: Own choice

  • OR All Own Choice

  • Food is not provided but we have lots of cafeterias and restaurants on campus catering to various tastes. However, the vegetarian diet is very limited. (We can help with buying of the vegetarian meals or alternatively, can use GrabFood or Food Panda, etc).

  • The food cost that is included in the iDiDe workshop package is for the opening and closing events and during field trips and workshop only.

  • The cost of food in Malaysia is not expensive. A day's meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) on campus is approximately USD5-10. Food outside the campus may cost more.

  • Studio Kit, Plotting and Printing, Site Visits, Workshops, Exhibition, Catalogue

  • All expenses are embedded in the workshop cost. 

  • However, there is a one time cost from each participating university for the exhibition and catalogue of RM500 or USD120.

  • Transport, Food, Visit Tickets (if any), Accommodation (if any)

  • All expenses are embedded in the workshop cost. 

Official invites, Acceptances, Passports, Visa, Any other Government/ Legal Documents

This is in progress. 

As preparation on your side, we appreciate if all students and staff to get their passports ready.

Dates/ Stages for Payments, Mode of Transfers, Details of Accounts, Taxes (if any)

In progress. One -time payment and the details will be finalized soon.

Pocket money for day to day expenses. Closer to the workshop our students will be in touch with your students to start the design dialogue.

A few queries that needed your clarifications at this point :


a.    Earliest possible dates of arrival (permissible dates for occupying accommodation).

Earliest possible date is 11th January 2020 - if you require university accommodation. You can come earlier but with own arrangement. 

(As I mentioned earlier, most students are still on campus and rooms available are not that flexible. If you intend to travel around Malaysia, I suggest to do it after the workshop)


b.    Latest possible dates for departure (permissible dates for retaining accommodation).

You have the accommodation for 1 month, beginning from the date you check-in. However, the second semester starts early Feb, so I am not sure if we can hold the rooms for longer and subject to availability.


c.     Location of Campus, Accommodation and Studio.

As I mentioned, our campus is a walking one, therefore the accommodation and studio are easily accessible.

You surf our website to get a better understanding of our campus:

d.    Location of Accommodation from Airport.

KLIA and KLIA2 are approximately 80km away from IIUM. It takes between 1 and 1 1/2 hours by car or taxi, depending on traffic.


e.    Location of Accommodation from Kuala Lumpur city and its environs.

KL city centre is less than 15 kms from the city centre. 20 mins during normal traffic or 40 mins by public transport.


f.     Any planned architectural tours (and approximate cost) for free days on Feb 01 & 02, 2020.

We haven't planned any yet out of the workshop dates, but if required we can initiate it.


g.    Possibility of architectural tours (and approximate cost) prior to commencement of iDiDe 2020.

Yes, it's possible. You can try this website.

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