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iDiDe Alumni Dinner (iDAD) cum iDiDe Exhibition & Dinner of the 1st International Symposium on Sustainable Rural Built Environment (SRBE) (4th February 2020)


(a) RM 100 - Public Local


(b) RM 50   - Student Local

(c) Free - SRBE  full paying participants 

(d) RM 50   - Local Participants IDIDE 2020         (Malaysian/Resident in Malaysia)


(e) USD 50/RM 100 - International Public


(f)  USD 25/RM 50   - International Student


(g) USD 30/RM 60 - International Participants IDIDE 2020

Free Registration

For headcount only at https//idide-reunion-dinner

Payment Link

Remarks: kindly convert the amount to RM to include in e-payment link and email to and

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