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Frequently Answered Questions

Do I add the paper submission authors/affiliations? 

A = no, not at this stage. Please simply upload the paper in the template.  We will advise you later about these additions.


Who is the Readership: 

Please assume that the readership is not from your Country and therefore needs an introductory briefing of where the project/issue is geographically and culturally, so a map/plan of 2 might be beneficial to support your text.


For all Australian co/authored papers: please ensure that, if required, the relevant Human Research Ethics protocol approval is stated, dated and coded, and that this information stated at the bottom of your paper before or after the Reference list. If the paper clearly implicates research scope and activities that would normally require an approval from an Australian university human research ethics committee in accordance with the Australian National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007; rev 2018), and if this information is not stated, the Symposium Scientific Committee will use their discretion to NOT accept the paper and its referee’ing. Please note that this is an Australian co/author requirement, and all non-Australian co/authors should disregard this item.


How many words? 

A = 3,000-5,000 words max being the body of the paper.


How many images? 

A = your choice but remember to compress each image. Images should support the text rather than present a ‘sea’ of visual information.


How many maps? 

A = we would prefer 1 map per paper so that the reader can quickly geographical orientated themselves to the location of the discussion.


Can I change the author name sequence?: 

A = we would prefer that you don’t, now, but if required please ensure that you change the EasyChair author name sequence as well.


Can I use Indigenous words/terms? 

A = yes, but please ensure that an English translation is included.


Imperial and Metric? 

A = Please ensure metric is used throughout, but if you do wish to use Imperial please ensure that there is a metric equivalent. Eg. “… the colonial government required 1 acre (0.4ha) allotments for this practice.”

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